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Permanent Sales Post

Permission Granted by denkimouse 6/10.  I am using a Leafeon Pokedoll or Audino Pokedoll for size reference.  Policies-  *All Pkmn Collectors Community Rules MUST BE FOLLOWED*

This Sales Post is Temporarily Closed.
  • I take Paypal. (laura.kelly.robinson at gmail dot com)
  • I decide shipping based off of size of the object being shipped. Prices do not include shipping. Inquire about shipping with your location.
  • Prices in USD.
  • I will hold an item for 1 day for you upon request. Please have good communication with me if you want to do this.
  • Haggling welcome! If you think I priced something too high, or you don't have that little extra for shipping, please ask!
  • WILLING TO TRADE: Looking mostly for official merch right now. I will tell you if I want the custom trade on a case by case bass, please don't get mad at me. :) I have finite resources too. I love plush and bags! If you have stuff in your sales post you think I might like to trade for, point me in that direction!
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happy meowth


Semester of DOOOM is over! I really want to do a collection update... I have a lot to update about. I am going to wait until after Christmas, though. My reasoning is I know I am getting some stuff Poke-related and also I may get a camera which would be so so so much better than the cell phone shots I'm capable of now. Since I am not doing a collection update there... I will gush here that I LOVE my collection. I moved half of it into my living room so I can see Pokemon everywhere.

We dubbed the house Pokemon Star Wars Fairy Dragon House (as a joke because our friend always lives in houses with names for some reason) and so now we have those things all over the entertainment system, shelves and the Window is decorated in a Hoth scene for Christmas. A lego Hoth scene, 'cause we love legos. I am going to take a picture and tweet/facebook it tonight of that. I will try to link it here, on the poor livejournal that gets no updates. If only there was a way to tie it into my phone's motoblur! It'd get updated all the time.
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Wow...crochet is so relaxing.

Studying is eating my life, but I have a little doggy taking shape under my crochet hook and it is so adorable. I was a bit indimidated when trying to do Mightyena, but so far so good! I am going to be done soon... perhaps this weekend. It is adorable. I am in love. That's nothing new, I'm in love with every pokemon plush I look at long enough.
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LJ fail or paranoia?

I don't think lj is emailing me like it should... comments and tracked stuff... So now I am hoping I didn't miss anything I was supposed to do! It's only since last night, but I did leave a few comments places which I now of course cannot find! Grr. I hope I am wrong.
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New Journal, just for cute things on LJ

I am mostly going to use this journal for Pokemon stuff. I am also lkrobinson . I don't really use lj for anything but the communities anymore. I didn't want to use lkrobinson as a username anymore, but I really didn't feel like paying for username change either. I use www.laurakrobinson.com as a blogging site, and that basically links to every other site I am involved in on the interwebs.
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